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Numerical methods

Lecturer: Robert Szmurło

Subject 1:

Introduction to numerical methods (4h)

Subject 2:

Matrix definitions and operations (2h)

Subject 3:

Interpolation (2h)

Subject 4:

Approximation (2h)

Subject 5:

Solving the linear equations (4h)

Subject 6:

Finding zeros and minimum points by iterative methods (4h)

Subject 7:

Integration methods (4h)

Subject 8:

Ordinary differential equations (4h)


Exemplary books (the most of books available in library with term 'electromagnetics' will be useful for this course) :

  1. Markiewicz T., Numerical Methods, Politechnika Warszawska 2010, Numerical_Methods_T_Markiewicz.pdf

  2. Stoer J., Bulirsch R.: Introduction to Numerical Analysis, Springer 2002,
  3. Fausett L. V.: Numerical Methods: algorithms and applications, Prentice-Hall 2003

  1. http://ocw.mit.edu/courses/mathematics/18-335j-introduction-to-numerical-methods-fall-2006/lecture-notes/

  2. http://ocw.mit.edu/courses/mathematics/18-335j-introduction-to-numerical-methods-fall-2004/lecture-notes/


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